• Camaleon CMS (2015 - RoR): http://camaleon.megaxine.net
    An alternative to wordpress CMS for Ruby on Rails 4 Projects (Client: Personal Project).

    o Multisite support
    o Multi language support
    o Extensible by plugins
    o Content visualizations managed by themes

  • Exporta Bolivia (2015 - RoR): http://exportabolivia.com.bo/ 
    Platform for virtual conference business (Client: Chamber of Exporters).

    o Multi language support
    o Extensible by plugins
    o Content visualizations managed by themes
    o RealTime Video conference

  • Knowledge System (2014 - RoR): http://conocimiento.nuevatel.com/ http://conocimiento.nuevatel.com/admin
    (Admin | Admin123)
    Advanced knowledge system from scratch for the company
    VIVA (Client: Viva - Telecommunications Company).

    o Multiple levels of data security
    o Advanced roles for intranet and internet visitors and administrators o Multisite
    o Plugins and modules
    o Active directory connections

    o Import/Export of pages and reports
    o Advanced reports
    o Multiples templates support
    o Social connections
    o Call centers support
    o Database and rails app optimized to support 5000+ users every day

  • Megaxine (2013 - RoR): http://megaxine.net/
    Interactive magazine publisher like
    http://issue.com (Client: Personal Project)
    o Process PDF/Word/Power point files into a elegant html5 flip (cross browser and cross device, no flash)
    o Embed all your media content into the flip with a single drag an drop, like: video, audio, gallery, information and also you can add and sell products
    o Using OCR to search information in the flip
    o Cloud store (Amazon)
    o Administrator can export the flip in following formats: 
      - APK: Ready to publish on Google play 
      - IOS-Zip: Almost ready to publish on app store (only need certification) 
      - ZIP: Offline version to distribute by CD or USB (include an executable with support for Mac and Windows)
  • Ucreate3d (2012 - Magento): http://www.ucreate3d.com/
    Advanced ecommerce system to sell mobile cases with full customization in 3D (Client: Ucreate3D)

    o PSD slice to HTML5
    o Backend and frontend
    o Import and export 3D models ready for 3D printer

    Stl importer
    Stl exporter
    Stl to webgl using threejs
    Image to stl (any image to 3D object)

    o 3D models rendered for all major browsers o 3D editor (image, text, color)

  • Zmags (2011 – HTML5):
    http://zmags.com/ (Client: Zmags)
    I created the magazine viewer (html5 version) for desktops and mobile devices.

  • ScrumAlliance (2010 - RoR)
    This is a company that certifies the scrum methodology
    Participate on
    https://www.scrumalliance.org/ developing CST Module

  • And a lot of small projects, facebook apps, mobile apps:

    o http://wind.com.do/ (Wordpress)
    This is a project for WIND (telecommunications company)

    PSD slice to HTML5
    Responsive design
    Jquery and bootstrap 3.x
    Content administration
    Data population
    Ecommerce (woocommerce) Multisite

    o http://bezoya.es/bebe-a-bordo/ (Wordpress) 

      - Applied javascript effects
      - PSD slice to HTML5
      - API Restful tIOS/Android version Facebook login Facebook activity Facebook like
      - Twitter follow, Twitter activity
      - CSS sprite
      - W3C html5 validate
      - W3C WCAG validate
      - Sessions multi domain
      - Create plugin to embed external video (files/urls) Slider plugins
      - Template configuration
      - A lot of post types
      - Custom fields teach post type

    o http://www.allamericanhomes.com/ (Wordpress)

      - PSD slice to HTML5, Jquery, CSS
      - Slider plugins
      - Plugin import plans from excel files

      - Responsive design
      - Advanced search integration Show offers by visitor location Plugin to register floor plans
      - A lot of post types

    o http://www.racingstock.com (CakePHP)

    •  PSD slice to HTML5, jQuery y css 3

    •  Multilanguage (en y fr)

    •  Login / Sign In User

    •  Module, partners, companies, videos y events Geo location y geo references

    •  Payment gateway

    •  Backend (Admin WebSite, User Personal and Dealers)

    o http://www.seleccionweb.com/ (Cake PHP)

      - PSD slice to HTML5

      - Cross browser
      - Video/audio record using FLASH AS3 Payment gateway 
      - Cakephp integration
      - Backend administrator
      - Interviews record

    o http://decrucerosdev.wemonar.com/ (HTML5)

      - PSD slice to HTML5
      - Cross browser

      - Cross device
      - Less css preprocessor
      - jQuery and bootstrap 2.x